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As the market shifts towards subscription and recurring revenue models, your support operations must transform in turn. Learn why investing in a proactive support experience is a no-brainer in today's competitive, constantly disruptive atmosphere.

Why Support Experience Will Make or Break Your Organization this Decade

Joe Andrews, CMO, SupportLogic
Krishna Raj Raja, Founder and CEO, SupportLogic

Support leaders from some of the most visible brands in tech and beyond come together to discuss how support is transforming from a cost center to a driver of revenue and brand value.
Panel Discussion: The Revenue Impact of Support Experience

Anand Verma, SVP, Customer Support, Workday
Judith Platz, Chief Success Officer, Salesforce
Brett Frazer, VP Customer Service, Sunbasket
Gordana Warga, Director, Global Support, Kustomer at Meta
John Kearney, VP, Customer Care, Zendesk
Support Maturity Model and Numbers
Do you know how your support team compares to others on the Support Maturity Model? The answer might surprise you. In this session, FT Works founder Francoise Tourniaire will present the five levels of the support maturity model, how they apply to various areas of support, and why you need to understand where your team falls. She will outline how you can use the model to drive transformation initiatives and further team goals. Also, Francoise will perform a few real-time assessments for some lucky SX Live audience members. Come for a chance to participate, or just learn how you can calibrate your support transformation program.
Where Does Your Organization Fall on the Support Maturity Model?

Francoise Tourniaire, author of "The Art of Software Support", FT Works
A sneak preview of recent customer strategy metrics and capabilities research completed across several hundred customer success, support, sales, service delivery, and marketing professionals around the world, across many industries, and based on input from individual practitioners to C-level executives.

Customer Strategy: Measuring Our Success

Jeb Dasteel, Former Oracle Chief Customer Officer and the founder of Customer Strategy Alliance

Product/Support Interaction
When support and product teams work well together, customers notice. But aligning these teams around the support experience takes some work… and a unique perspective. Learn how Marilyn Lin, VP of Customer Support Experience at Mulesoft, a Salesforce company, used her product background to bring product and support together for a better support experience. Marilyn will show how Mulesoft improved collaboration between product and support, explain how they share insights to improve both functions, and provide tips you can use to boost internal alignment and customer delight.

How Mulesoft Brought Product and Support Together to Delight Customers

Marilyn Lin, VP of Customer Support Experience, Mulesoft
Escalation Management
In this informative panel discussion, you’ll learn how leaders in the B2B technology industry are leveraging technology and people-empowering policy to reduce escalations, reduce costs and increase CSAT and loyalty.
Building a Reliable & Scalable Escalation Management System

Daniel Coullet, VP of Customer Success & Support, Qlik
Otho Lyon, VP, Global Support, Cloudera
Abdul Hameed Rahim, Sr Mgr, Technical Support Engineering, CommScope
Martin Schneider, Chief Evangelist, SupportLogic (Moderator)
Change Management
Everyone has something they want to change. Support professionals want to shift to more proactive engagement. Employees want to change their boss’ mind and leaders want to transform organizations. But change is hard. We push and push, but often nothing happens.

Could there be a better way? This talk introduces a revolutionary approach to change. Successful change isn’t about pushing harder or exerting more energy. It’s about removing barriers. Overcoming resistance by reducing friction and lowering the hurdles to action. Discover the five hidden factors that impede change, and how by mitigating them, you can change anything.
Featured Keynote: How to Change Anything

Dr. Jonah Berger, internationally bestselling author of Contagious, Invisible Influence, and The Catalyst

Employee Retention / Agent Satisfaction
Agent retention and engagement have always been important, but the current climate has driven the need for greater focus on employee development and retention. Learn how Inovalon and Ruckus Network, a CommScope company, designed modern, intelligent quality monitoring programs using AI-driven insights from agent interactions.

Best Practices for Driving Agent Retention and Empowerment

Brian Blumenthal, AVP, Customer Support, Inovalon
Darren Bovis, Sr Director Customer Support and Services, Ruckus Networks
Preetham Gopalaswamy, VP Product, SupportLogic

Technical support engineers today must possess a wide set of skills. Many of these skills make support engineers extremely valuable team members, even outside the support organization. This session provides valuable career-growth insights for both support agents and managers.
Putting Tech Support Engineers on the Fast Track

Don Carrol, Service Delivery & Product Support Leader, UiPath
Brandon Munroe, Director, Global Technical Support, OSIsoft
Ben Hamann, Director, Global Support, Salesforce
Francoise Tourniaire, Author of the Art of Support, FT Works (Moderator)

Proactive / Predictive Support
The future of Support is fast approaching: Support cases have increased, technologies have evolved quickly since the pandemic, and B2B customers have similar expectations to those from B2C. So what lies ahead in the future of Support? Hint: One where issues are predicted before they even happen. Join Mohammed Ajouz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Support at SAP, as he shares how predictive support technologies will enable effortless support experiences. Learn what SAP is doing to lead the industry into the age of predictive support.

The Predictive and Effortless Support Experience

Mohammed M. Ajouz, SVP of Global Head of Product Support, SAP
The customer support center is one of the most important engagement hubs for all types of businesses. It is the place where the true voice of the customer, and myriad data points are collected. However, many businesses fail to utilize, let alone access, the high value insights found inside support interactions. In this session, Sachin Pai, VP, Contact Center Service Line at Genpact, a leading IT services and consulting firm, and John Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer at SupportLogic, will discuss why it is critical to harness support data for the entire organization, what data is most important to capture, and reveal some best practices for getting started in this informative and interactive dialog.

Generating Business Value from Support Center Data: The What, How and Why

Sachin Pai, VP Contact Center Service Line, Genpact
John Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer, SupportLogic
Product-led growth (PLG) companies need to deliver a stellar support experience, whether you’re an established PLG company or an enterprise looking to transition to a PLG model. The support team plays a vital role in customer on-boarding and adoption while serving as a brand ambassador to early customers in a profound way. Learn how PLG companies are designing the ideal support experience to drive long-term customer success.

How Proactive Support Drives Product-led Growth

Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner, Openview
Mickey Alon, CTO and Founder, Gainsight PX
Ron Rafalovitch, Group Lead, CX, EMEA,
Joe Andrews, CMO, SupportLogic

Technology complexity increases every year, and no one has a better vantage point for this dynamic than support technicians. More than a third of B2B support incidents relate to “How do I?” questions, not break/fix issues. As customer success science reveals the impact of positive support experiences on account renewals and expansion, the stakes grow higher to deliver an exceptional experience with every interaction. In this session, we will look at what the role of the support technician will be in the future. Spoiler alert: They won’t be replaced by automation. But powered by increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning, tomorrow’s support techs will be effortlessly knowledge and insight-enabled, and their sphere of influence will expand to include more visibility and control over the end-to-end customer journey, and the product roadmap.
Envisioning The Future for Support Technicians - The Knowledge and Insight-Enabled Employee Experience

John Ragsdale, VP Technology Ecosystems, TSIA
Turning support agents into superheroes sounds like science fiction. But when you combine contextually relevant content and intelligent routing of cases - great results happen. In this session, Patrick Martin, Vice President of Technical Support at Coveo, will reveal how Coveo’s support organization has reduced mean time to resolution and increased customer satisfaction by ensuring the right content plus the right agent results in an optimal support experience.

Improving the Support Experience with Contextual Relevance

Patrick Martin, VP of Technical Support, Coveo
The past two years have brought many changes to support organizations around the world. And more change is certain to come. How support teams adapt and take advantage of these rapidly changing times will have ripple effects inside support and, in turn, across the entire enterprise. In this session, we will explore how to tackle this disruption head on. We will also provide some real-world examples of some major initiatives aimed at transforming support teams for the modern work environment and beyond and discuss how these initiatives were received and reveal the path forward for the future of work for support.

The Future of Work in Customer Support

Simon Bamberger, Managing Director and Partner, BCG

Bryan Belmont, CVP, Customer Service and Support, Microsoft

Omid Razavi, Chief Customer Officer, SupportLogic
Customer Success and Support
A modern support experience must consider the entire customer lifecycle. For ServiceNow, that means providing a great support experience throughout the customer journey across onboarding, adoption, and value realization. In addition, product, support, and success teams must work together to provide a standout experience for every ServiceNow customer. Join us as we sit down with Dean Robison, ServiceNow’s SVP Customer Service and Support, where he leads the Global Technical Support, Technical Account Management, and Product Success organizations at ServiceNow.
Employee Experience & Customer Experience: Creating the Right Balance for Success

Dean Robison, SVP, Customer Service and Support at ServiceNow
Omid Razavi, Chief Customer Officer, SupportLogic

Over the years, many B2B companies have shifted investment from the support organization towards “customer success.” However, creating more silos in the organization might not be the answer to improving the customer experience. In this session, Daniel Coullet, VP of Customer Success at Qlik, will reveal how he sees support playing the role of customer success to drive improved business outcomes. He will discuss the tools needed for this transformation, and share some success metrics from his own experience implementing this vision at Qlik, a leading analytics platform provider.

The Support Organization: Customer Success at Scale

Daniel Coullet, VP of Customer Success & Support at Qlik
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